Jakarta Future School (JFS) provides a comprehensive, world class online learning environment where students can enroll in just like any international schools and continue their academic education. JFS offers an Award-winning academic delivery platform + comprehensive interactive content for Cambridge IGCSE, Pre-University (Foundation), and A Level programs.

The school specializes in the ongoing teaching of the international education with a specific focus on the Cambridge IGCSE, Pre-University (Foundation), and A level curriculum facilitating students who want to advance their studies through our pathway universities

Our highly structured and engaging curriculum includes all the core academic subjects (Math, A Math, English, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, and Biology).  Our curriculum is aligned to international standards and highly engaging.

As a Jakarta Future School Student, you can study and do all your schoolwork from your own home, at your local library or at a nearby community center, virtually anywhere a computer and the Internet can be accessed. Coursework can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can learn from our eBooks and Interactive Videos, seek answers from our live tutors online, take mastery or mock tests and obtain diagnostic reports in order to find out about your strengths and weaknesses, among many other features.

Your teachers will communicate with you via live online sessions, email, and discussion boards.

All course work (checkpoints, discussions, quizzes, projects and exams) is completed electronically. The only time a student is required to attend in person is during final term exam as required by Cambridge International Examination.

Yes. We are official partners of Raffles Group of Schools and Raffles College. After completing your IGCSE and/or A Level program, you can opt between completing our University of Hertfordshire 3+0 UK Bachelor Degree fully in Indonesia or our pathway program where you can have the options to transfer to the World’s Top Universities in Australia, Singapore, UK, Malaysia, and other countries after completing a maximum of 2 years of study in Indonesia. All in all, Cambridge qualifications are universally recognized and welcomed.

Yes. Jakarta Future School will provide you with necessary documents and support if you wish to go back to formal school.

Jakarta Future School’s open enrollment policy allows you to apply at anytime and anywhere during the school year. Kindly contact our team for further details.